John Willmott School

IT Resources

The investment in IT infrastructure at John Willmott School has resulted in a state of the art virtualised server environment with over 190 GB of memory and over 12 terabytes of disk space available from an ultra-fast Storage Area Network.

Over 40 terabytes of storage space is now available to staff, students and for regular system backups.

This allows the students that attend John Willmott School to develop their IT skills on a cutting edge platform with the most recent industry standard software available to them.

A Campus wide wireless network is available that works in conjunction with the fibre optic backbone providing lightning quick access to resources wherever you are in school.

Together with a continued investment into LED projectors for every classroom and a rolling program to replace all of the desktop and laptop computers ensures that John Willmott School continues to succeed and provide a stable and relevant IT platform to support teaching and learning and prepare our students for the world of work.

In 2012/13 the school purchased 500 new desktop and laptop computers to enhance student learning even further. This includes 330 desktop and 70 laptop computers purchased in July 2013.