John Willmott School

AQA Exam Board Double Decker Bus

John Willmott School has hosted the AQA Exam Board Double Decker Bus this week. Staff from many different Birmingham schools have visited the Bus to gain information about the new changes proposed in GCSE Science, Modern Foreign Languages, History and Geography to begin teaching in 2016.

Teachers have been able to look at the outlines of the new specifications with staff from the AQA Exam Board and discuss with them any queries they may have and gather information that will be needed to teach these subjects at GCSE level.

The teachers have been encouraged to comment on the proposals and these comments, together with those collected around the country, will help the Exam Board decide the way forward.

The Bus is well equipped with a computer suite so staff can carry out an online survey as well as providing hot drinks for staff who have travelled across the city. “A most worthwhile visit” was the comment of many teachers.

The Bus next moves on to Alderbrook School in Solihull.