John Willmott School

Celebrating Intermediate Mathematical Challenge Success

Over 250,000 students from more than 3000 schools and colleges across the UK participated in the Intermediate Mathematical Challenge last month. The students had 60 minutes to answer 25 varied multiple choice mathematical problems under examination conditions. Those who achieved high scores were awarded certificates to recognise their success in mathematics.

Miss Chana organised the challenge here at John Willmott School with a number of our Year 11 students taking part in this recognised Mathematics competition. She said ‘The Maths Challenge aims to stimulate mathematical thinking and enhance problem solving skills through rich mathematical problems. Congratulations to all the students who participated in this national Intermediate Mathematical Challenge and those students who have received a certificate should be very proud to be recognised as one of the highest scorers in the country.’

Our students achieved 5 Bronze Awards, 1 Silver Award and 2 Gold Awards. The Bronze certificate winners were: Lorien Baskerville, Molly Brook, Elizabeth Hawkins, Dho-Alfikar Hussen and Jadyn Lamey who were in the top 40% in the country. Mohammed Hussain achieved a Silver certificate for being in the top 20% and Celyn Dugdale and Cenk Balu gained Gold Awards, being in the top 7% of the country, with Cenk achieving Best in Year and Best in School. Well done to you all – we are extremely proud of you!