John Willmott School

Crown Court Visit

Immediately before the Easter holidays our AS lawyers and AS sociologists visited Birmingham Crown Court. The sociologists study crime and punishment in Year 13 so the visit was highly relevant to both groups. The students first spent time with an usher who explained how the court proceedings work. This proved to be really interesting and informative.

They were then fortunate enough to meet a judge who told them about how he had first become a lawyer, then a barrister and finally a crown court judge. He explained that it takes hard work and determination to achieve this high legal position of which he was proud.  He, like our students, had attended a state school and worked himself up through the ranks. The students found time spent with him inspiring and motivational. They then went into court to observe some very interesting cases including the more unusual case of someone representing them self.

All the students agreed it had been a worthwhile day which had helped them towards their studies and were delighted that they will be able to go back as a member of the public since they learned that in a public court anyone is able to attend.