John Willmott School

Ofsted Monitoring Inspection

John Willmott School was visited on 3rd & 4th May by Mr R Hackfath, HMI and Mrs G Onyon Ofsted Inspector.  The inspectors spent two days in the school and had the opportunity to meet with all staff and students.  They observed lessons, met with the Leadership Team and representatives from the staff body as well as taking the opportunity to meet with our students both formally and informally.

In addition they met with Mr T Claxton, the Acting Chair of Governors and Ms T Ruddle the Director of Continuous School Improvement (DCSI) from The Birmingham Education Partnership (BEP).  BEP have been monitoring the progress of the school on behalf of the local authority along with our school improvement partners from The Arthur Terry Learning Partnership (ATLP).

I am pleased to report that Ofsted have concluded that the school is taking effective action towards the removal of special measures.

When inspecting the quality of teaching, learning and assessment inspectors reported that ‘many pupils are meeting teachers’ high expectations regarding the presentation and organisation of their work.  As a result pupils now have more pride in the work they produce.  Pupils say that teaching has improved’.  The Inspector also noted positive attitudes towards learning and the positive relationships between pupils and staff.

It is particularly pleasing that teachers were found ‘to have strong subject knowledge and use this in their teaching’.  They also were described as being ‘well versed in the use of assessment information and know how well their pupils are doing over time, and use this to plan specific strategies and approaches to support progress’.  Pupils were very positive about the praise that they receive from staff and also say that they feel safe and secure at school.

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the part that our students have played in the changes within the school.  They have responded to our increased expectations and aspirations for them and are working hard to make even further progress in the time remaining this term.

The full report is now available to read on the school website, please do take the time to read it.  I would also like to thank you for your ongoing support of our students as we continue to work in partnership to ensure that all our students achieve their best.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Tracey Peters