John Willmott School

Grey Advertising Agency visits John Willmott School

By Aaron Chauhan and Charlotte Ansell (Year 10 School Council)

Last week Catherine Falla (Talent & Recruitment Director) and Justine Johnson (Business Director) from Grey, London, visited John Willmott School to work with Year 11 students interested in a career in the creative industry. Grey is a world renowned advertising agency working for clients such as GSK, Marks and Spencer, Bose and Emirates. Fifteen Year 11 students applied for a place and the chance to work with Catherine and Justine who were offering advice and practical experience for a career within the creative industry.

After an incredibly engaging presentation and question and answer session, the Year 11’s were given their task which was to design a campaign for the new Beats Headphones. The students discussed many different aspects including a central concept, the target audience and design ideas.

The groups discussed the creative input behind such campaigns as Coca-Cola, Gillette, Nike Samsung, Apple and Cadbury. We asked Catherine and Justine, “What kind of advice would you give to young people looking for a job in the creative industry?” Their response was

“Be inspired, get motivated, take advantage of the creative mentoring website and have lots of fun!"

Grey, London, offer mentoring to students who would like to succeed within this industry, potentially allowing them to work with some of the creative greats. They also offer bursaries to new interns to encourage new talent to make the move to London. Catherine added that CEO’s of companies like Grey are keen to recruit 'People who are interesting and interested'.

The Year 11 students had a really positive experience which helped them reflect on choices they will make post GCSE’s. They are keen to work with Grey again to build on the experience of the day. Mrs Lockley, Assistant Headteacher and Mr Grice, Achievement Coordinator for Year 10, were incredibly pleased with what the students gained from the day. Mrs Lockley said “Today's experience goes hand in hand with the Enthuse, Engage, Excel teaching and learning initiative, encouraging our students to aspire to excellence! It was fantastic to watch them engage so positively and seize such an amazing opportunity!”