John Willmott School

The Great Egg Challenge

As part of their Sphere lessons the Sixth Form took part in a leadership and teamwork challenge last week which involved trying to work out how to drop an egg from a height of 3-4 metres without it breaking! Each of the groups had great fun with this challenge as well as learning how to work together to complete the task. After they had completed this ‘experiment’ they discussed how they had handled this challenge, investigating the individual team roles, leadership and communication skills.

SPHERE (Social Personal Health Education and Religious Education) gives the students plenty of opportunities to develop employability skills which are very important when applying for university and apprenticeships and the Great Egg Challenge was part of developing these skills. Other opportunities will occur throughout the Sixth Form including mentoring lower school students, assisting staff with lunch and break duties and supporting teachers and students in lessons.

Feedback from this challenge included ‘My group loved doing this challenge and were enthused about their SPHERE lesson. They thought it would involve lots of written work but were delighted that it was so practical and challenging. So thumbs up all round!’