John Willmott School

SPHERE Workshops

As part of SPHERE (Social, Personal, Health and Religious Education) our Sixth Formers have been given the opportunity to choose from a range of SPHERE workshops to develop either their independent learning or promoting good health.

One of the workshops offered was Cookery and the workshop had been designed to teach the students how to make cheap and nutritious meals preparing them for independent living and/or university.

This week's recipe was a healthy and cheap chilli quorn carne. The students were taught the basics including how to cook rice and chop an onion! Students thoroughly enjoyed the session and are looking forward to next week's pasta bake!

Other students attended a workshop on ‘Preparing to Drive’ and in the session learnt about the costs of motoring, they were quite shocked at the expense of learning to drive and running a car.

The sport option saw students playing basketball, football and table tennis, which had a definite competitive feel to it!

All the students enjoyed the different workshops and are looking forward to more of the same.