John Willmott School

Student Finance

The Sixth Form recently had a talk from Alice, a representative of Student Finance. She explained the process of how we can apply for finance, how it will help us and she assured us that the cost of University should not prevent us from taking up this great opportunity. The talk was extremely useful and put my mind at ease regarding applying for Student Finance. Before the talk I did not know that the amount of money you receive depends on your household income and whether you live away from home or not. Alice also informed us of the new changes taking place, these include the fact that we will not have to pay back any of our Student loan until we are earning £25000 or above (this was previously £21000), It was reassuring to have someone who is an expert in Student Finance going through all of it with us and answering all of our questions and so I am no longer worried about the cost of University.

Ellie Knight Year 13