John Willmott School

Food Bank Appeal

The Sixth Form Council has done a tremendous job launching and promoting our annual food bank appeal. Fern Langley and Sokheng Finch gave a briefing to all staff surrounding the reasons for food banks following a sixth form talk given by Mr Gerard Goshawk, a representative from the Erdington Food Bank.

As well as collecting here at John Willmott School, Fern and Sokheng meet with other Sutton Secondary Schools in a meeting chaired by Councillor Alex Yip with the aim to do charitable work in the local area. As a result of this, many of the schools are collecting for the food bank prior to Christmas.

Fern Langley explained that...

As members of the Sixth Form Council, we decided that it would be a good idea to run a whole school collection for Erdington Food Bank. We spoke to Mr Goshawk who gave us essential items that they were in need of. We did a presentation to all of the form groups and gave them items to collect. The collection process lasted for three weeks, and was run between all seven Sutton Coldfield secondary schools.