John Willmott School

6th Form Visit Birmingham Crown Court

On Wednesday 7th February twelve Year 12 A-Level Sociology students went on a visit to the Birmingham Crown courts. This gave them an opportunity to observe the criminal justice system in action. This will help them contextualise their work about the English Legal System, criminal law and crime and deviance. We had an extremely interesting day, observing some interesting cases which the students all enjoyed.

Iqra Yaqub Said:

Visiting Birmingham crown court, for me was an amazing experience. I have always had an interest in law but seeing the courts in action has helped me become definite in perusing a career in the law. Seeing a range of different cases, the prosecutors and defendants, the witnesses, the jury and how the judge had perceived certain cases allowed us all to become interested in cases and encouraged us to follow up further on the cases to know the outcome. To be able to actually witness a sentencing and watching criminals of today from around our city made the whole experience so surreal but has made me certain on going into law.