John Willmott School

6th Form Visit to Auschwitz Birkenau

On Tuesday 13 February Lauren Brown and I had an opportunity to go to Poland with HET otherwise known as the Holocaust Educational Trust. We visited the infamous concentration and death camps known as Auschwitz One and Birkenau. The reason for attending was because many survivors are unfortunately coming to the end of their lives and people are needed to continue retelling their stories and teachings to prevent atrocities such as this from happening ever again. The experience was rather humbling, the Nazis to exterminate an entire race was devastating and the camps are there as a reminder of the dark side of human nature and the extreme acts of genocide we are capable of. The camps themselves are surreal when we walked in we couldn’t believe that so many people lives finished right where we were standing. The rabbi we met said and I quote “We are not at Auschwitz, we could never imagine what it was like for my people to suffer because of silence.”

Aamir Mehmood