John Willmott School

First Aid

Unwell Students

If a student complains of feeling unwell, they will be encouraged to continue in class and at school. If this is not possible they will be told to go to the medical room where a decision will be made whether the student remains in school or is to be sent home. This is so all absences can be monitored. The parents / carers will then be contacted by a member of staff to inform them and arrange collection wherever possible.

Students should not make the call home themselves for someone to pick them up, permission must be granted first.

Students who are unwell should remain at home until fit enough to return and able to cope with a full school day.

Injuries in School

The School’s First Aiders are only able to deal with injuries sustained during a school day, therefore, any aches, pains or injuries sustained outside of the school day should be dealt with by your local GP or hospital.

Medication in School

Students should not bring any form of medication into school unless this has been pre-arranged with the Office Manager. Medication, wherever possible, should be taken outside of the school day, if for any reason medication is required during school special arrangements should be made via parents to the Office Manager.

It is not permitted for students to share medication with other students under any circumstances.