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John Willmott School

Reddicap Heat Road

Sutton Coldfield

B75 7DY

Tel: 0121 378 1946

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Head Teacher: Mrs T Peters

Chair of Governors

Mr T Claxton

c/o John Willmott School at the above address

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO)

Mrs J Earl

The Data Protection Officer for the Multi-Academy Trust

Nicky Lawton

The Arthur Terry School

Kittoe Road

Sutton Coldfield

B74 4RZ


John Willmott School is part of The Arthur Terry Learning Partnership (ATLP) a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT)


The Arthur Terry School

Kittoe Road

Sutton Coldfield

B74 4RZ

Tel: 0121 323 2221


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Ofsted Report

As John Willmott School became an Academy on 1st July 2019 there is no current Ofsted report to view

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“Our school curriculum invests in our students so they: are empathetic, kind, respectful, leaders, organised, resilient, use initiative, can communicate effectively and will leave with qualifications.”

“Enthuse, Engage, Excel” is our vision of all lessons and the curriculum.  We want students to be excited, inquisitive and responsible for their own learning.   Through the curriculum which includes opportunities for enrichment our students will become confident, independent, lifelong learners who will be able to make a positive contribution to the community.

Our curriculum follows the National Curriculum and has been designed to inspire and challenge our students to have a love of learning.  The 11 -19 curriculum offers a broad and balanced opportunity for our students.  Students are able to study subjects from the academic core as well as subjects from the Performing Arts, Art, Design and Technology, Business and Computing.  As part of our curriculum students have a fortnightly enrichment activity such as; cycling, upcycling, and film appreciation.  This wide range of opportunities allow students to participate in something different and broaden their love of learning.

The teaching and learning strategies we have deployed at John Willmott enhance our curriculum as they develop our students’ ability to become independent and confident learners.  Our teaching consists of recall and retrieval strategies through the use of “Do It Now” activities to develop student understanding and ability to be able to retain information.  Students are given knowledge organisers for each subject area to assist their comprehension of topic areas and these are used effectively in lessons where students can be tested on their knowledge.  We firmly believe in organising their long term memory with an array of well organised schemas of understanding. The cognitive science approaches we are using are developing students to retain information in a more productive, visual and sustainable way for example through the use of thinking maps to help order and sequence information and dual coding.  Our curriculum is dedicated to enhancing students’ exposure to reading and vocabulary.  In lessons and form time sessions students have dedicated time to explore texts and analyse the context of new words and how to use them orally and in their written work.

At John Willmott we follow the key principles of CCC (currency, character and culture) to develop our learners.  Through our LORIC (leadership, organisation, resilience, independence and communication) lessons once a fortnight students are explicitly taught how to become better learners, to understand about themselves and our world, to become role models in their academic, personal and career development.

ATLP Statutory Policies

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West Midlands Police Partnership Policy Statement

John Willmott School is committed to keeping our students safe, both in school and the wider community.  As part of our safeguarding arrangements, we have a two-way information sharing agreement in place with West Midlands Police.  The agreement is compliant with Crime & Disorder Act 1998 (s.115) and Data Protection Act 1998(s.29.3; s.35.2.), and focuses on preventing young people from becoming involved or further involved in crime and anti-social behaviour as a victim or offender.  If you have any queries about the partnership policy, please contact the Headteacher.