The PiXL Club and how we use it at John Willmott School

PiXL (Partners in Excellence) is a partnership of over 1,600 secondary schools, 500 sixth forms, 830 primary schools and 75 providers of alternative education; it aims to share best practice to raise standards and to give students a better future and brighter hope.

Founded by Sir John Rowling, PiXL emerged from school improvement programme, the London Challenge, in 2004. When government funding for the initiative ceased in 2007, the 50 member schools at that time decided voluntarily to continue with its model of collaboration around leadership and shared resources. PiXL has since grown to become the largest network of schools in England and Wales.

Staff at John Willmott School attend regional meetings in the West Midlands or conferences in Westminster to ensure that the school and faculty areas are able to embed strategies or refine practice through this access to high quality training and development opportunities. Each of PiXL’s tailored programmes brings school leaders and specialists together, providing a wealth of insight, research and resources.

There are a huge number of PiXL resources that we use, including: information for parents; form time programmes and classroom resources. Some of the most powerful teaching and learning initiatives that we use at John Willmott School are:

  • PiXL Spine- fundamental and key knowledge for a subject area, allowing students to have a deep understanding and make pertinent links
  • PiXL Knowledge- differentiated, topic specific prompts which develop students’ ability to move from basic understanding to academic and critical thinking
  • PiXL Thinking Hard- a wide range of strategies which encourage students to apply their knowledge in different ways so that their schemas of understanding are reinforced.

It’s not just academic excellence that PiXL supports. In 2014, PiXL launched its character development programme, The Edge, designed to empower students with the attitudes and attributes essential for employability and life and this is now part of the PiXL character agenda. John Willmott School refined this to become our ‘LORIC’ programme where we deliberately plan our character curriculum, with emphasis on: Leadership; Organisation; Resilience; Initiative and Communication. Not only is this a timetables lesson once a fortnight- these characteristics are encouraged and recognised in every aspect of school life.

PiXL is not political and not driven by sound bites or imprecise, misunderstood schemes. It is driven by a deep moral purpose and this is something that John Willmott School shares and the impacts have been, and will continue to be, profound.

Below are links to many of the PiXL resources for parents, we hope you find them useful.