Staying safe online

At John Willmott School we learn about e-safety in Character Development lessons and in IT and Computing.  Assemblies are given to all year groups to highlight key messages.

What can you do as a parent to help keep your child safe online?

Helping your child to stay safe online is just an extension of parenting in the real world.  You need to understand what your child is doing and what the risks are so you can help them navigate a safe path through the virtual world.

Here are some top tips from the website created by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP):

You and your child can also find out more information about staying safe online using our Safer Schools App. Here is the letter to support your use of this App.

Here are some videos to explore some e-safety issues:

Caught in the web – lonely princess

Caught in the web – online bullying 

Caught in the web – block bullying online

Here is a guide to talking to your children about online sexual harassment

The following links offer further advice and information:

Reporting concerns:


Instagram: is one of the most used platforms, click here for a guide to its use and privacy options.