Uniform/Dress Code

At the beginning of each academic year every student in Year 12 and 13 will receive a letter outlining their sixth form pathway and our expectations including the latest guidance on uniform. A summary is provided below:

A young person’s dress and appearance are matters of personal choice and self-expression and some individuals will wish to exercise their own cultural customs. However, students should select a manner of dress and appearance appropriate to the environment and their role and this may be different to that adopted in their personal life. Students should ensure they are dressed decently, safely and appropriately.

Sixth Form students in our school are expected to wear clothing and accessories which:

  • Promote a positive and professional image
  • Do not create a risk to either the wearer or others in the school and is appropriate are not likely to be viewed as offensive or revealing
  • Does not distract, cause embarrassment or give rise to misunderstanding
  • Is absent of any political or otherwise contentious slogans
  • Is not considered to be discriminatory
  • Hair should be neat, tidy and well-groomed. Unconventional styles and extreme and unnatural hair colours are not acceptable
  • Jewellery must not be excessive or unconventional, with visible piercings limited to ears. Single nose studs may be worn for reasons of religious observance only

Our uniform includes:

  • A smart jacket or blazer with smart trousers or a skirt – no leggings, no joggers or tracksuits.  An outdoor coat is not equivalent to a jacket or blazer. Students who study sport must bring clothes to change into at the start of practical lessons and then change back into their uniform at the end of the lesson
  • A top that is suitable for a professional environment such as a blouse, shirt, polo shirt, a jumper with an appropriate neckline. The following items are not suitable:-
    • Any top incorporating a sports logo
    • Cropped tops
    • Thin straps i.e. vest tops
    • Low cut
  • No hats or caps
  • Black leather shoes or leather-look shoes of a polishable material. This does not include black trainers, Nike Air Force, black Converse, Vans or similar footwear. Please be advised that shops/stores will advertise shoes as school appropriate even though they do not meet our standards

Independent study – when students are not in a timetabled lesson, they work in one of our three Sixth Form rooms whey they have access to computers, printing facilities and textbooks for their courses. Students remain in school each day from 8.45am until 3.10pm.

Attendance and punctuality – Attendance should not fall below 97% and we expect our students to arrive on time to school and to all lessons. We will make contact with parents/carers should concerns arise.

Use of mobile devices – mobile phones cannot be seen or heard on corridors, in lessons or in outdoor spaces on the school site. We do allow our students to access their mobile devices as a learning tool whilst working in the Sixth Form rooms, but we reserve the right to confiscate these items should they become a distraction.