Counselling Service Information

St Martin’s counselling and psychotherapy service for staff and parents/carers is entirely self-referral, so anyone that wants to talk to a counsellor can go directly to them via their website and fill out an assessment form and they handle the rest. The counselling can be delivered face-to-face in their centre, or remotely (online or by telephone). This is entirely up to preference.


Their counselling has a cost, but relative to private therapy is extremely affordable as they fundraise to subsidise costs. However, for anyone on benefits or unwaged who are registered with a Birmingham GP, counselling is free. Otherwise, the fees range from £20-45 scaled to annual income.

Personal income up to £20,000 | £20.00

Then it is simply an additional £1 for every £1,000 of income over £21,000
For example:
Income of £21,000  | £21.00
Income of £22,000 | £22.00

and so on up to a maximum of £45.00 

They also offer cognitive behavioural therapy to those registered with a Birmingham GP, which does not have a cost.

See the leaflet below for further information.