Heads of Year

Heads of Year

The role of Head of Year at John Willmott School: to ensure that the school’s vision of ‘Potential into Reality’ is promoted and maintained throughout every aspect of the school day.

The Pastoral Team:-

  • Phase Leaders
  • Heads of Year
  • Mr Foster- Assistant Headteacher, Student Culture
  • Mr Grove – Assistant Headteacher, Standards Culture
  • Mrs Spawton – Pastoral Manager

Together they monitor the progress of each student in their allocated year group and work closely with families to support students throughout their school life.

The Phase Leaders and Heads of Year lead a team of tutors who meet with their tutor groups for twenty minutes every morning. During this time, students undertake a range of activities such as private study, reading for pleasure and ethos activities. Tutors also use this time to work with individuals and groups of students to monitor their academic progress and wellbeing.  

Mr Foster, Mr Grove and Mrs Spawton oversee the work of the Phase Leaders and Heads of Years in Years 7-11 and hold overall responsibility for the standards of behaviour and attendance across the school.

Ms Richards – Deputy Headteacher; carries overall responsibility for standards of achievement.

Mrs Aston – Associate Assistant Headteacher, Sixth Form; oversees the work of the Head of Year and Progress Leader for Years 12 & 13.

Phase Leader for Years 7 & 8demitrius.smikle@jws.bham.sch.uk
Head of Year 7lyndsey.hudson@jws.bham.sch.uk
Head of Year 8kerry.holland@jws.bham.sch.uk
Phase Leader for Years 9 & 10elizabeth.smart@jws.bham.sch.uk
Head of Year 9hugh.young@jws.bham.sch.uk
Head of Year 10nayla.noreen@jws.bham.sch.uk
Phase Leader for Year 11corrie.halford@jws.bham.sch.uk
Head of Year 11sharon.wootton@jws.bham.sch.uk
Progress Leader for Years 13helen.fletcher@jws.bham.sch.uk
Head of Years 13amanda.sharpe@jws.bham.sch.uk