Mental Health Support

Coping with anxiety

Anxiety is a normal emotion – it’s one of our body’s natural reactions to stress.  For young people, some level of anxiety is normal as they grow up and learn to navigate the world.  However, it’s important that they have the tools to manage feelings of anxiety, and can tell the difference between normal emotions and more severe anxiety which is interfering with their everyday life.

The ‘Let’s talk about anxiety’ animation, and the anxiety tool kit click here, will help students aged 11 to 13 to normalise, understand and manage anxious feelings. 

Parents and Carers – please click here for guidance on supporting your child with anxiety.


Trauma Leaflet for Parents

Phoenix Psychology have produced a series of trauma leaflets, providing useful hyperlinks to videos and websites that give useful explanations to understand, validate and normalise the experiences of trauma within children, young people and professionals.

The leaflet here, explains what trauma is, types of traumas, how trauma can affect a child or young person’s brain and body, symptoms someone affected by trauma may experience and ways that parents and professionals can support children and young people who are coping with trauma.


Depression and Anxiety Leaflet

The leaflet here, explain what is depression and anxiety, outlines and signs and how to get support.


Free Mental Health Webinar – please click here for recorded webinars on exam stress, managing low mood and managing anxiety.